Maurizio Pelli, 7 Star Italian Cuisine in Dubai

If you wish to understand the true value of Italian Cuisine, you must know Maurizio Pelli, private chef of emirs and wealthy people, charmed and delighted thanks to the delicacy and health of Mediterranean Diet dishes: soups, high quality meat and fish, fresh vegetables and delicious pasta. Maurizio Pelli is from North Italy but he has always loved South Italy cuisine, which begins with valued Apulian olive oil, known as one of the best in the world, and ends with aromatic herbs and spices' flavour that, coincidentally, come from the East.

What explains Maurizio's great reception is the genuineness of his tradicional Italian recipes. His love for this cousine is so intense that he has written a book: “Fettuccine Alfredo, Spaghetti Bolognaise & Caesar Salad: The Triumph of the World's False Italian Cuisine”. This book is a strong and, sometimes, ferocious criticism against those so-called cooks that call themselves “Chef” and sell false Italian Cuisine in the world.

But how did Maurizio go to Dubai? He was born in Piedmont. He had worked and lived in Lombardy and he was an ex-businessman along Europe but, one day, his soul has driven him to the new Eldorado, that “promised land” for a few wealthy people that charms luxury lovers: Emirates.

Maurizio, being a great marketing man, promptly understands what is very required among desert skyscrapers: Italian Style. He has quickly become a teste ambassador and today, assisted by his life mate and a great staff made up of waiters, barman, an american somelier and even a couple of classical musicians (a violinist and a pianist), he can offer luxurious and sumptuous lunches and dinners. His menu, deeply desired by the rich customers of Dubai, have been elaborated thanks to a meticulous pursuit of raw materials, often difficult to find because of the great distance from Italy. His secret? Few ingredients and high quality.

Talent, energy, activeness have morphed his passion into his own job. “Truth Cuisine” is his own style. His cuisine is the only true Italian cuisine in Dubai. No competition with high catering, which has to face high business costs at the expense of raw materials. The only and true high cost his demanding customers have to pay is his strong personality. He always decides his menu. Flair, taste, perfection desire, accompany his flawless mise en place and his service which surprises and astonishes his customers.

“Beautiful is inside beautiful”, he tells. “Art, proportion, symmetry flow inside European people. We are heirs of a past made of history and traditions; we have been nourished by the western cradle of beauty. We describe our thousand-year old history through cuisine art because we are well-aware and guardians of Mediterranean taste and flavours.” His book is already on its second edition, but being a great commuicator, he is ready to publish another one about “Cuisine On Board”, his other great passion. Future is a dream that takes shape: among luxury, shimmers, style, class, elegance. Maurizio is ready to sail on a yacht with a very well equipped isle for his kitchen experimentations.

Maurizio Pelli, “Wish and Obtain”. This is his own philosophy.

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